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ASYIQIN RIDZWAN my real name. i'm a married girl. obsession into cupcake, fashion, writing, cooking (not a professional actually), make up and my family man, AHMAD FAUDZLI.
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exam is just around the corner =(

yeah, EXAM. what a most important thing for me as a student. study and study till i get sleep. *sigh* bored and nothing to say. there is something about me when attempting in my study. i am totally differ with other people. but it doesn't mean that i am scoring the best achievement in examination. hehe. but what can i say, it's just be so good when you're being as yourself. u create your own flow. so anyone can't make you down at all. okay. so proceed with my craps (no way!). this is me when the examination is just around the corner :

  1. damn hearing music. doesn't matter with any kinds of music. but still, i need music when studying. you know why? because i am so easily to fall asleep when reading the revision book. just bla bla bla bla till zzzzzzzzzzz...
  2. eating or chewing something that i can chew. chewing gum, of course. a bit of sweet and sour, scrumptious chewing gum. i'll also can make a chewing gum's balloon at my mouth and blew it off. 
  3. for every 30 minutes or 1 hour, i will drink distilled water as much as i can. yeah, because i am easy to feel so thirsty when having my revision. so i need something fresh to flow right into my mind. ??..what did i say?..naaah..just forget it.
  4. i need my baby boy and boboy. haha, guest what. both of them are my best friend on my bed. don't be jealous okay. i slept with them every night. and try to guess how much happy they are! (when i'm hugging them) so no reason, they have to accompany me in all time when i'm having my revision. and i don't care about the condition.
  5. last but not least, i need to hug and kiss my parent's picture for the first. without them, who i am. they are very strong and brave person that i ever had. i love them so much. when i have to start my focuses, i need their loves and spirits, so that i can doing better in anything. thanks my mom and dad =)
hah! so long bed time story for tonight yah. but still, i need to think my study first because the examination is quite scaring me! aiyayayaya =( okay. thanks for all the supports to me. u know that i love you all always and in my mind. no matter what happen, Allah is still with us and ask Him to give our strengh in all time. so goodnight and sleep tight. muahh! bye.

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