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a special story for a special person, IBU ^__^

For my ELP teacher, Madam Mastura Bin Othman a.k.a IBU. Dear Ibu, i was really sorry if my story wasn't fascinating as what u expected before. The story is about my experience in learning English as a second language until today. But here, i'm doing my best for u...

Dear Ibu,
When I was in 7 years old,
I love English so much.
I cannot remember about how and why i was too interesting in English at that time.
But the first movie i'd watched is TITANIC on year of 1997.
What a romantic movie I ever seen!
Since i'd watched that movie, i started to collect all the things about TITANIC, including the pictures of Jack and Rose, the huge old ship, the Atlantic's ocean and more.
And i think the first words came out from my lips were, "You jump, I jump!"
Even though, i'd never knew its meanings, but simple, i like it!
When i heard the the TITANIC 'haunted' song, 'My heart will go on' performed by Celine Dion,
I would be like a crazy young girl and started to imagine that i was the heroin, Rose! hilarious~
Plus, the hero was unknown :)

Dear Ibu,
After i had my wonderful times as a kindergarten kid, I moved to my primary school's age which was too colourful if i try to remember back.
What i can remember is when i was 10 years old, my English teacher, Sir Idris wanted to see me in library.
I was shocked and quite scared because he was the most fierce teacher that i ever knew!
Along my way to see him, i can't stop whispered these words, "God, help me! help me! help me!"
What did i do? Is that because i got the worst marks for English? Is that because i made any mistakes?
Sir Idris requested me to sit in front of him and i just thought that i was going to die!
Suddenly, he said to me something that made me smile and plus, my huge smile.
" Asyiqin, i requested u to be my trainee for this competition. Are you okay?"
Gulp! Awkward!
" Yes Sir." i'd gave a very simple simple simple answer.
" Don't worry Asyiqin. I will not eat you as well. I just received a letter which was requesting us to sent a participant for this competition. Story telling competition for district level at SK Seri Makmur. So, i decided to take you as my participant. Don't worry, i will teach and guide you."
Oh my gosh! relieved my pain, of course. I still suprised with that but one thing i'd got, he wasn't angry to me.
At least, i'd got a good thing right.
and the best part is, i won the second prize in that competition, successfully made my parent be proud of me,
Started from there, i knew i made the best choice for my talent in English and i will not
After that, my times in primary school was just full with all English's stuff until i moved to my secondary school.
What the best memories i ever had :)

Dear Ibu,
When i was in my secondary school, my life was full with all the things about teenager time.
What i'm trying to say is, be more matured.
So, i wasn't let my talent spoke in English, even though there were too much grammatical error in my language.
I also tried to correct my grammatical error with teachers and seniors too.
And till now, i get my confidence when speaking English but there are still having the grammatical error on it.
Oh i can remember now about one of my experience in learning English. It is about my normal life.
One day when my family and i were off to Pangkor Island, and at that time i was only in 15 years old.
I felt very thirsty and buy a mineral water at the one of stall at there.
Then, i'd asked him (uncle who was a seller at there), " Uncle, how much the price for this mineral water?"
Unexpectedly, he gave me a HOT answer!
in Malay, "Dik, pakcik ni bukan apa. Pakcik ingat pelancong ja yang pandai speaking2 ni. kalau adik ni orang melayu, toksah dgn pakcik pun adik nak speaking2. pakcik paham bahasa melayu dik! kalau adik ni mat salleh tapi muka melayu, takpa la pkcik loghat org putih sikit dik oi."
for a second time, OH MY GOD!
i felt so embarassed with his answer, i gave him a sweet smile, then, i just gone from there.
old age people like him, will never understoo about a young people like me.
my intention is, i want to apply my English talent into my normal life. is that my fault?
quite sad with that actually but i'd looked through the positive thinking.
maybe it was just a part of my learning in English as well.
even though, i never expected it!
because of him, i can try my best when speaking English with publics.
thanks God :)

Dear Ibu,
When i was in 18 years old, i was studying in matriculation of Kolej Mara Kulim Kedah.
and this is the new world of me. it's very near with my real campus life as well.
Here, we were having big training for English.
I participated my college for English drama and it was so wonderful indeed.
From there, i'd fallen in love with ENGLISH!!!
my dear lecturers and friends of KMK, thank you so much because of your amazing supports and help.
And now, i continued my study at IPG KPM.
it was so different than before actually and plus, i am a teacher to be.
i mean, the whole environment, people, attires and foods too.
but it wouldn't be the thing that blocked my dreams.
because i knew myself and the strength of me.
thanks to Madam Mastura, who's being the best lecturer to me.
i do enjoy with all her classes because she always bring the happiness to us.
learning English with her, i feel so free and interesting.
following through my age, i prefer to learn English by using multimedia presentations.
and the best part is, she's seems understanding myself!
while studying in this institution, i think i get too much new knowledge and tips on how to improve my weaknesses in English.
i also can get more precisely information about English Language Proficiency.
i hope i can improve more my weaknesses in this subject.
Thank you so much, Madam Mastura.

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