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ASYIQIN RIDZWAN my real name. i'm a married girl. obsession into cupcake, fashion, writing, cooking (not a professional actually), make up and my family man, AHMAD FAUDZLI.
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today is my wonderful day :)

hye guys. see u all again. hmmm. i have a good news! guess what, im done for today. honestly, today was a very long day for me. yeah, met all teachers, students and everyone. the headmaster too. first of my steps at there, i felt so nervous and i just told my mom, "mom, please turn around and we go home. i dont wanna  do this. im not ready." my mom just smiled at me. i think, she knew that i was too nervous at that time. i was 'shaking'. then, the school was awesome. all teachers were kind and polite. credits to them. so then Miss Jue gave a piece of paper. and that paper asked me to replace Sir Idris and i need to enter the class of standard 3. oh my gosh! it was quite hard for me because i have no idea to handle that class. so it was just flew right into my head and guess what, i can do it by myself. and plus, they liked me so much then. they respect on me. nobody can expect that because yeah, i am so new at there. in conclusion, i love kids :) hehe! very well then. it was not end easily just like that. i was starving, thirsty and exhausted. more funny, after schooling, i slept within my baju kurung at home. whoa! so tired but im happy because i know who i am. thanks Allah because helping me. thanks to my parent, mom and dad because they never stop giving me supports. i love my mom and dad so much :) thanks to all my friends, for those, who were having PBS too. thanks to my crazy sister, tikah who always made me more panic. LOL! and finally, good luck everybody! and to all my dearies, thank you so much for all your wishes on FB. i really appreciates it. and u know what, i LOVE you all!!

p/s: today, my boo's going to Kuala Lipis for his business program. i missed him. i hope he's just fine at there. i love u sayang.

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