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ASYIQIN RIDZWAN my real name. i'm a married girl. obsession into cupcake, fashion, writing, cooking (not a professional actually), make up and my family man, AHMAD FAUDZLI.
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cards :)

oh hey dear friends! i miss you all much. thanks for your reminders on FB. I've almost forgot and quite busy here. sorry okay :) so how's your day today? fine and great, huh? i hope so because my days became wonderful since last Monday. i always happy there. today, i wanna share about something special. CARDS. what's the thing that you can expect me with the word 'CARDS' ? just simple, for me i think it was a miracle from God. a God's present, maybe. i was too surprised. it was my first time to get these special handmade cards from students. i was too new. a fresh teacher, of course. my gosh, yesterday i wanna cry :) plus, there was my full name on it, 'I Love U, Teacher Asyiqin'. thanks my little dearies. then today it happened again on me. when i entered class, they stood up and gave 'salam' to me. how's nice indeed. i told them something sad. after this Friday, i will not see them anymore and  i said, please do care of themselves, and will always remember, love them. unexpectedly, they didn't stop crying and begged me for not leaving them. but what can i do anymore. dears, i have to go. next times, I'll try to meet you all again okay. be chill and smile :) i was too sad. so they gave me so many cards. i think it's about 10 or 12 cards. and all that cards said, ' teacher syiqin, please don't go because i love you so much. do forgive me if i'm doing mistakes. goodbye teacher syiqin'. what's happen on me. i am sad. sad. sad. sad. sad. i love them so much, all of them :(

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